Caravan Pre-Delivery Inspections

Caravan Pre-Delivery Inspections

Purchasing a new caravan or motorhome is a big deal. Weather it is your first, or you are upgrading to a new model, chances are you will be forking out quite a bit of hard earned cash.

And whilst the display model you saw when you made your decision to purchase looked great, each and every caravan or motorhome is unique, and therefore, before taking delivery of your new home on wheels, it is highly recommended you take the time to fully go over what you are getting.

Not only to ensure you are getting all the inclusions promised, but also that everything is in full working order and compliant. To do this, Colin from the Caravan Council of Australia has prepared a very thorough article about what to look out for and to assist you with your d Pre Delivery Inspection. We highly recommend printing out the article, or downloading the attached PDF and taking with you when you pick up your new caravan or motorhome.

On the Subject, Colin has the following to say.

You are making a major investment…
Make sure you do not finish up with any regrets.
Expect – Demand – the Dealer to take typically 4+ hours to fully inspect, test and explain all items.
Do not be pushed! Do not assume anything! Take your time to be sure you understand fully!
Ensure you have at least a basic understanding of the Australian Consumer Law. The Dealer has significant “Duty of Care” responsibilities. The caravan must be “Safe” and (fully) “Compliant” – with VSB-1. The caravan must be “Fit For Purchase”. The caravan must be of “Acceptable Quality”.
Confirm that the caravan can be legally and safely towed by the intended tow-vehicle.
Confirm that the caravan is suitable for your intended use.
Confirm that the “legal load-carrying capacity” of the caravan is sufficient.
The caravan must be “as Advertised or Advised”.
Confirm all items in the Contract thoroughly. Do not accept anything that is not as you want.
Ensure professional detailed Handbooks are provided for all appliances and systems.
The Dealer must provide you with “all information that the driver may reasonably be expected to know”.
Test all appliances and systems thoroughly… on gas, 230 volt AC, and 12 volt DC.
Don’t rush! Allow sufficient time to ensure everything works safely and correctly.

For the full checklist and more details, down load the full PDF via the link below.

Original article provided courtesy of the CCA – – The CAA is a completely independent, non-profit, non-commercial body that provides free no-obligation compliance and technical advice to all manufacturers, importers, dealers, mechanics, owners and potential buyers of recreational vehicles.

You can contact the CCA direct or visit their website via the links below.      [email protected]




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