Camping Restrictions for the Easter Period

Camping Restrictions for the Easter Period

Easter is one of the busiest periods for camping and caravanning in Australia.  This time last year, the whole country shut down all campgrounds and caravan parks.  Chaos ensued as a lot of holiday makers preparing for the Easter break, had to cancel bookings and prepare to hunker down.  Those who were already travelling on the road, where thrust into total confusion, as states shut borders and were found stranded.

Covid-19, 12 Months On

Things look a lot different 12 months on.  Whilst all states have lifted camping restrictions, there are still some rules in place for the Easter period.  Once of the more stricter states on Covid-19 restrictions is perhaps Queensland.  The Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk announced easing restrictions to camping, which we covered in a previous post.  All in all, it is looking like a normalish Easter break (touch wood) barring any catastrophic Covid outbreaks.  However, be mindful of each state’s restrictions on camping.  

Victoria has announced eased restrictions as of the 26th March as well, with increased numbers of people allowed to gather in public places up to 200, which is good news for camp grounds and caravan parks.  South Australia will be easing their restrictions on the 31st March, again, perfect timing for the Easter long weekend.

Below, you will find the latest updates relating to camping,  and any stipulations in their respective national parks.


Parks and Forests, Department of Environment and Science

Queensland National Parks Booking Service

Check Park Alerts for up-to-date information on closures


New South Wales

New South Wales National Parks Covid 19 Updates

Current Rules on Public Gatherings

New South Wales Alerts for National Parks

Physical Distancing Rules for New South Wales



Victoria Parks Covid-19 Updates



Tasmania Covid-19 Updates

Tasmania Parks & Wildlife Alerts

Tasmania Gatherings, Density & Physical Distancing Guidelines


South Australia

South Australia Covid-19 Restrictions

South Australia Travel Restrictions

South Australia Activities & Gatherings (updates 31 March)


Western Australia

Western Australia General Restrictions

Western Australia Covid-19 Latest Updates

Western Australia Interstate Border Travel


Northern Territory

Northern Territory Coronavirus Updates

Northern Territory Guidelines for Events & Gatherings


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