Beautiful Bauple

Beautiful Bauple

Discover the ancestral home of the Macadamia Nut with a visit to the charming village of Bauple on Queensland’s Fraser Coast.

Bauple is predominately flat farming land that sits in the foothills of Bauple Mountain which rises over 450 meters. Small and quaint, it offers the chance to relive its pioneering past and discover more about what was known as the Bauple Nut.

Bauple town area


Bauple was originally named ‘Raby’, but renamed after Mount Bauple in 1896. The word Bauple is an Aboriginal word and refers to a frilled lizard. The Bauple nuts were discovered thousands of years ago on the mountain by the Butchulla and Kabi Kabi people who would meet in large gatherings to feast upon the prized delicacy.

In later years the place boasted one of the largest sugar mills in the district before being closed down in the ’50s

Mount Bauple in the background

Things to See and Do

Although relatively small in size, it is ideal to stop off at and catch your breath while heading north or south along the Bruce Highway, however, there are still a few things to see and do whilst in town.

District Museum

The museum opens daily and displays the history of the area through photographs, early farming tools, antiques, rare coins, and telephones.
There is even a 3.3 metre skin from a crocodile that was caught in the Mary River in the 1960s.

While the nut trees once grew prolifically in the area, today the original trees are kept safe in a scientific reserve on the mountain.  You can however still see four examples of the original varieties directly across from the museum, as well as large commercial plantings around.

You can also picnic in the museum’s gardens next to a restored 1907 locomotive, similar to the one used by the Sugar Mill.

Bauple Museum

Museum Coffee Shop

The museum is proud to have recently opened its own Coffee Shop and is one of the only places in town where you can enjoy a coffee or tea with a snack or an ice cream. They would love visitors to call in for a chat and cuppa.

Bauple Coffee Shop

Historic Walk

Ask at the museum about the ‘Bauple Heritage Trail’.  A self-guided walk around town where you can discover up to 24 of the town’s key historical sites.

Bauple Heritage Trail


If you want to know more about the local Bauple or Macadamia Nuts, you must drop into Barenuts.  With well over 2000 mature trees and about 5000 more on the way, Michael & Jodie welcome visitors to the farm and are happy to organise farm tours by appointment. They also have a range of raw nuts, unique bush flavoured blends. Also, macadamia nut butter is prepared from fresh produce grown on the farm.


Country Drives

You can also use Bauple as a base to explore the wider area by following the Fraser Coast Country Drive, which takes in the historic Dickabram Bridge (west) and small towns oozing country charms such as Theebine ( to the south) and Tiaro ( to the north).   Tiaro, the larger of the two is just up the road if you need a few more supplies.  It has 2 pubs, a chemist, 2 doctors, a supermarket and the world-famous butcher shop – Tiaro Meats and Bacon.


The Bauple Nut Bash is held on the 1st Saturday each September.  An annual event to celebrate NUTS. Held over the last 11 years, the focus is on fun, friendship, and of course NUTS. With the Tug-o-War and Nut Cracking competitions as the two main events, there are also street circus activities, food stalls, local music, games, and fireworks, with Ron and his jet engine truck making an appearance most years.

The event is at the Recreation Centre on Forestry Road. Free camping is available for the duration of the event.

Bauple Nut Bash


Hinterland markets are on the fourth Saturday of every month. There are also regular events at the Community Shed and Band Hall. Check the notice board for details.

Where To Stay

Camp for free in the heart of Bauple with overnight stays available for self-contained caravans and RVs.

Bauple RV Camp and Rest Area

A small area that allows 20-hour free camping for 8 to 10 caravans and motorhomes is available near Main Street.

Rosendale Park RV Camp & Rest Area

Free camping for 20 hours is available at this site. The small flat area is accessible to caravans and motorhomes.

Images and information courtesy of  Beautiful Bauple

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