Aussie Driving Weatherman

Aussie Driving Weatherman

The Truck Driver, Following His Passion

Well, they say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, especially with Dennis Luke, aka the Aussie Driving Weatherman.  Dennis, for most of his working life, has been a professional driver, mostly trucks of all shapes and sizes, over most of the Country and at all hours. He also, trains drivers and apart from doing severe weather forecasting for the last 22 years.  Dennis’s passion for the weather was born as a necessity to determine what the weather was going to do.

He relies on some specific computer models used for weather forecasting.  Dennis waits for confirmation on these models to marry up and use them with confidence.  He has a Facebook page where he will post his weather forecasts based upon these weather models. You can find his Facebook page HERE

He also found time over the last 5 years, to write a book called ‘Nature’s Fury’. It’s not about the weather, but it’s weather-related. The story is attached as well as my weather profile pic that appeared in the main newspaper here in Melbourne about 3 years ago.  When asked, what was the motivation in writing the book?  He replied,

“We all from time to time have things come to us unexpectedly. This virus is no different as to how we as individuals cope, on a person to person level. Over my working life, I have seen first hand how people react to something, that affects them so suddenly. The time it takes to process what is happening to them and loved ones can mean the difference between life and death. Or It’s an Australian story about my life experiences on the road and how people react to the unexpected.”

He continued, ” On a trip from Melbourne to Sydney at 3 AM in the morning between Yass and Goulburn in N.S.W. the fog was that thick I couldn’t even see the bonnet of the truck I was driving and I literally crapped me dacks. The beginning is fact-based but from chapter one, it’s fiction based on my life experiences.  I was told by a friend who is also an Author and did book editing, that he said quite simply (Write what you know).”


The book is available as an ebook or paperback on the links below:



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