Alkoomi Adventure Farm — A campsite that Inspires the Spirit of Giving

Alkoomi Adventure Farm — A campsite that Inspires the Spirit of Giving

When we were approached by the Alkoomi Adventure Farm to be added into the FRC Directory.  As we are always looking out for more great sites to add to the list, we added them immediately. As we were preparing the details, something caught our attention.  Not only was it an absolutely stunning property and unique in what it offered. We also found out they donate 100% of their camping fees to Angel Flight.

Angel Flight is a charity that assists country people living in Australia to access specialist medical treatment. That would otherwise be unavailable to them because of vast distance and high travel costs.

Angel Flight

Angel Flight is always there to help families. Those who are financially devastated by medical bills due to illness, accidents, or other chronic conditions.  They coordinate non-emergency flights in order to help people struggling with bad health, poor finances and daunting distances. These flights are free and involve travel to medical facilities anywhere in Australia. Angel Flight coordinates up to twenty flights per day. It includes complimentary transport by ground volunteers that drive between the general aviation airports and medical facilities (or nearby accommodation).

Angel Flight Australia Heros

There is a touching story behind the reason why Alkoomi Adventure Farm are doing this. We will let Becc share it with you in her own words:

“Firstly from the bottom of our hearts thank you Angel Flight & thank you Freerange Camping for asking us to share our story. When we first decided to donate our camping fees I messaged Angel Flight asking for a donation tin to place in our Old Dairy camp kitchen & was very pleased with their reply stating that “Unfortunately we don’t have donation tins. 100% of our donated money goes straight back into the Angel Flights. We do not have a budget for fundraising or marketing”. I believe this is why the more publicity these organizations can receive the better.

Family of four living the dream…….
That first moment we drove up the driveway of ‘Alkoomi’ later to be named ‘Alkoomi Adventure Farm’ we knew in our hearts that this was the farm for us. ‘Alkoomi’ means a place we chose & as its name states this is a place we chose to raise our two children & give them the life that many young people never have the opportunity to live & experience.

Experiencing Farm Life

We decided to open our farm to local & overseas travelers giving everyone the chance to experience farm life & make long-lasting memories along the way. We are very fortunate to live this life & love sharing it with travelers.

A place where you can enjoy a leisurely horse ride…

Reading a quote from our guest book by a lovely young family not long after we opened, brought tears to our eyes & shivers down our spine. Hearing their story behind the reason why they were traveling & reading this after the family had departed was a true reflection on why we opened our farm to campers….
‘We came across the saying “Collect moments not things”
Your place & the memories we have made will last a lifetime……’

Feed the farm animals…

To think we can be part of making memories for families & travelers from all over the world is something truly special to us. As a family we know all too well that it is the simple things in life that money can’t buy & the memories of family times spent together that are the most precious things you can keep close to your heart when they are no longer with you.

Or have a mouthwatering dinner in the BBQ Area

Both Dave & Myself having lost a parent to cancer & having family members fighting the battle today, as so many others in the world, we wanted to give a little back.

We have chosen Angel Flight because it has directly helped our family getting medical help. It would not have been possible without the volunteers of this organization servicing rural outback Australia. Pilots, aircraft owners, ground staff, and other volunteers ensure that people in Outback Australia get the lifesaving medical help. Without these generous volunteers, people of the outback would have to drive up to 1200 km to receive medical treatment.

Lying awake late one night thinking of the past I wanted to do something special. It is in memory of our dear Mum that passed away too young at 53. It was Mother’s Day ten years ago that we lost our Mother to bowel cancer. Jen was a devoted wife, loving mother, mother-in-law & had just started planning their future away from being tied to station life, to travel & spend time visiting their 4 young grandchildren who she “loved meeces to pieces” as she would often tell them.

In the short time that she lives after being diagnosed with cancer, Angel Flight became a part of her life. The Angel Flight pilots were a blessing as it meant Mum did not have to endure 10 hrs of travel from Western Queensland by car to the city for medical treatment & with Angel ground crew there to meet them at the end of each flight took the pressure off both. It meant that our father, being the true ‘bushy’ he is – did not have to feel anxious about driving & navigating his way around the ‘big smoke’ & Mum could be in her own home after treatment before the side-effects became too unbearable to travel…

So thank you again Angel Flight, ‘Herald’ the Angel Flight beanie bear sits in our lounge room. Reminding us every day of the great work you do for so many families in remote Australia.”

To Find out more about staying at Alkoomi Adventure Farm, follow the link below to full details about Camping, Fees & How to Get There.


Alkoomi Adventure Farm Campground


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