RV Friendly – Babinda

RV Friendly – Babinda

Babinda is located on the Bruce Highway 59km South of Cairns or 33km north of Innisfail.  It is a small sugar town in the heart of cane growing country.  The scenery as you approach from either direction is stunning, with huge tree covered mountains ranges dominating the landscape.  It is home to two of the highest mountains in Queensland, Mt Bartle Frere and Mt Bellenden Kerr.   Boasting some of the highest rainfalls in Queensland, these mountain ranges provide the source for many of the crystal clear streams and waterfalls in the area.

What’s Around Babinda

Babinda Mountain Ranges & Streams

As you enter the town off the highway, you will see the beautifully resorted bright blue information Centre.

Babinda Tourist Info Centre

The staff were very friendly and proud of their town, pointing out all there is to do in the area.  The town itself is quaint and set out like many of Australia’s small country towns, with the main street being the focal point with independent specialty shops and cafes lining the street.   We managed to dwindle away a few hours exploring most of them.

Word of mouth had it that the Butcher and Baker where both definitely worth a visit and this proved correct.  The butcher smokes his own home made Ham, Bacon & Sausages.  We tried all three and were quite impressed.  The Bakery is known for its pies, with travellers coming from all over the district just to sample them.  Warning:  There is a Chilli pie that comes with its own warning label, which I was stupid enough not to take notice of.  Thankfully there are many other flavors to choose from.

Some of Babinda’s local businesses

There is a great Arts and Craft shop which has a large selection of locally made items for sale.  The local pub is great for a refreshing ale and a meal, and there was also an old time picture theater showing the latest movies.

Originally planning just an overnight stay in Babinda, we ended up staying for three nights as we loved the place so much.  We were fortunate enough to be in time for the sugar cane harvest, and on a drive around the area we saw many cane harvesters in full action.

Sugar Cane Harvest Time

We spent another day on a trip to the Boulders which are fascinating to see.  They are a series of large round granite rocks strewn throughout Babinda Creek.  The water in the streams was crystal clear, and icy cold.  The locals tell us that the odd platypus is sometime seen in these waters, but we were not so lucky.   There is a beautiful picnic spot at the entrance, a great swimming hole and a short walk that leads up to the Boulders themselves, but cautioned should be exercised and keep within the boundaries as there have been quite a few accidents from people walking all over the boulders themselves.

Babinda Boulders

Josephine Falls was another great highlight.  It was quite a warm day when we went there, and the icy cold water in the natural rock pools made for a very refreshing swim.  There are three cascading layers of falls, one with a natural rock formation that becomes a huge water slide, which was a tonne of fun.

Josephine Falls @ Babinda

The drive to Bramston Beach is well worth it also.  This is a small beach side village and reportedly very good for fishing, unfortunately we didn’t try it.  The beach was also used as a location in the movie ‘The Thin Red Line’ (1998).  The Eubenangee Swamp National Park was on the way out and we had fun exploring that,  there is a walking track that leads to a beautiful lookout overlooking the swamp which is reportedly a good vantage point to try out some Croc spotting.  Just don’t get too close.

Eubenangee Swamp

Another major attraction in the area is the Wooroonooran National Park which surrounds Babinda, as does Mt Bartle Freer which at 1622 meters is Queensland’s tallest mountain.  There are an abundance of walking trails in the area for those that love to hike.

Where to Stay

Babinda has some camping options available close to the town, but there is a variety of locations within a 50klm radius of the town.

Babinda Rotary Park Free Campground

This is a fantastic Free Campsite located right on the banks of Babinda Creek. The site is quite large with a few areas to choose from. 


Babinda Boulders Free Camping Area

Babinda Boulders Free Camping Area is a small camping area located at the end of Boulders Road sealed road.   It is located within the National Park, entry is Free, but they do not permit Dogs.


Bramston Beach Passion Patch Camping

Bramston Beach Bush Camping is located less than 1km from the beautiful Bramston Beach. A passionfruit farm with 6 campsites to suit all camping. Nice place to camp to visit Babinda, Josephine falls and the Boulders.


Bramston Beach Campground

This is a nice size campground located in the seaside village of Bramston Beach.  It will accommodate all size rigs and is only a stones throw to the beach.  It is a well facilitated site with 40 un-powered sites.


Graham Range camping area – Russell River National Park

Graham Range camping area is located next to the beach and surrounded by areas of paperbark and mangrove forests. The camping area can be reached by four-wheel-drive vehicles only.


So all in all, we would highly recommend stopping off and exploring Babinda.  Whether you love exploring, bushwalking, fishing, or just relaxing by crystal clear water, it is definitely worth a stop.   

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