Places To Stay, Middleton Hotel, QLD – Free Camp

Places To Stay, Middleton Hotel, QLD – Free Camp

Travelling from Winton to Boulia or vice versa, its worth a stop at Middleton. About 170km West of Winton, The Middleton Hotel is all you will find there, and it has the distinction of being the most isolated pub in Queensland.

There is a camp ground opposite the pub, affectionally known as ‘The Hilton’, it is Free to stay, but their ain’t much there. There are showers and toilets in the pub, they wouldn’t say No to a donation to the Royal Flying Doctor Service to use them.

The Hotel was built during the Cobb & Co. era, and was a changing station, where tired horses were replaced with fresh horses, on the route between Winton and Boulia.

The publican is a real character, and you can have any thing from the menu, as long as it is a Pie. His Frequently Asked Questions board is worth a read.

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