Meet Linda – Travelling Digital Nomad

Meet Linda – Travelling Digital Nomad

We first met Linda about 2 years ago, just prior to her hitting the road and embarking on her trip around Australia with her partner Mark and trusty side kick Dakar Dingo, (or is that the other way around?)

Linda with her travelling companions Mark & Dakar

Their vehicles of choice were a Toyota 4×4 Land Cruiser which would carry the essentials.  Esky and Dog.  And a trusty BMW Dual Sports Motorcycle for that feeling of freedom.   According to Linda, “Someone has to have all the fun and Helmet time is gold!”

Linda with her 4WD & BWM

A tent was to be their home for the first 12 months before Linda finally convinced Mark they should become high rise developers and progress to a roof top tent for the fourbie.

A rooftop tent on top of the Landie

Life as a travelling nomad was to become the next chapter for Linda who is no stranger to adventure.

Growing up in remote Northern Territory, and joining the Air Force at the tender age of 19, Linda got to see quite a bit of Australia before becoming a flight attendant and discovering the world abroad, including a stint in Saudi Arabia with the Saudi Royal Family.  Some of her other accomplishments include learning to fly and riding solo across the USA and 22 other European countries, not content with that, she has now just lapped Australia on her bike.

Linda on one of her bikes

Linda is also an accomplished Internationally Certified Freedom Lifestyle and Business Coach, a Master Hypnotherapist, Time line Therapist and has a degree in Health Therapies.   So one may ask, as I did.

“Why have you chosen to travel around Australia in a 4WD, Motorbike and Tent?”  Her reply,

Well, after spending the best part of 25 years in five star hotels, what I realised is that I  preferred the freedom of the great outdoors, and there are so many places to see right here in Australia.

By travelling around Australia the way she is, Linda (and Mark) have joined the trend of Australians who are looking to escape the rat race and live and work in all different parts of the country.   With over 120,000 travellers on the road at any given time and about 23% of those full time travellers, the question that is most asked is “ How do you do it?”

Linda’s office at the beach

And this has become one of Linda’s passions, that is, wanting to share with others how she chooses to travel.  What works for her!  What products she uses as she travels full time on the road, working, travelling and living out adventures each day with their dingo!

Linda has a variety of ways she earns her income whilst travelling.  Whilst she continues to run her successful Real Inspired Dreams workshops around the country, she has also recently launched her own online Global Adventure Shop.  A new venture where she can sustain life on the road, but also a place where she can share her experiences.  Global Adventure Shop contains a range of products specifically with the traveller in mind.  As well as a host of other valuable tips and insights that Linda has accrued over the time, from travelling light to eating right.

The Global Teapot – Tea anytime anywhere!

Not content with that, Linda decided to blog about her other great love.  Tea.  The lead to the creation of the Global Teapot a Facebook page all about Tea, including all the places you can possibly think of enjoying a ‘cuppa Tea’.  So if you are a tea addict head on over and check it out.

And, I am excited to say, Linda has also agreed to join us as a regular contributor at Free Range Camping.  Being a life coach and helping people to achieve their dreams, Linda is in the fortunate position of meeting many people, from all walks of life while she is travelling.  Many with their own inspirational stories about why they travel and how they do it.   She has started to record some of these stories and over the coming months she will be sharing some of these stories with us all.

Meeting new people travelling is one of the best things about life on the road

So, keep an eye out for some great traveller’s yarns, and in the meantime feel free to check out more about Linda from her website.

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