Meet Kel

78 on the road, and going strong

During our stop over at the Old Teven School in NSW a small van pulled up beside us, we watched as an elderly gentleman with a limp hopped out of his car and started setting up his camp site. He was on his own and we could hear him happily whistling away.

Nothing unusual about that, it is the life of many a camper. Not long after setting up, he wanders over and introduces himself. “Hi, my names Kel”. What struck us immediately about Kel was how happy and full of life he was. Over the next few days and coffee sessions, we got to know Kel more and found out more about his incredible story of life on the road.

What was remarkable about Kel was that he only started caravanning at the age of 75. Up until that point he had not even towed a caravan. He is a single traveler, with a companion that travels intermittently with him in her own van. He has suffered a debilitating injury that has left him with paralysis in one leg, and also suffering from a tumour. But he won’t let this stop him.

But, rather than me tell you all about it, here is Kel’s story in his own words.  He tells us how he started, how he selected his van and car, what he thinks was necessary, and talks about some of the joys of life on the road.

Kel talks about life on the road

Kel’s Campsite

I often have the conversation with my own 78 year old father trying to encourage him to follow us around in a motorhome, but the excuse is usually, I’m too old now. Well, thanks to Kel, I think I have now at least convinced him to have a go.

Well done Kel.


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