For the love of Food Wine Pets & Travel

For the love of Food Wine Pets & Travel

Brian and Kaye are currently living in Sydney, but that is all about to change as they prepare to embrace the Nomadic lifestyle.  They both love telling stories, so much so that they are preparing to do so on a full-time basis with Food-Wine-Pets-Travel (FWPT). However, it will not be just their stories they tell, they also love to hear stories from other travellers and there will be plenty of opportunities to do just that with FWPT.

Both Brian and Kaye have a background in media and have traveled extensively to places all around the world including many Pacific islands, the USA, UK, and parts of Europe including Portugal & Spain.  It was during their time in Spain they adopted a small dog, Picasso, which spawned their passion and love for animals and led them to use their media outlets to create several pet-related initiatives when they arrived back home to Australia.

In Memory of Picasso

One such project was Pet Talk Radio (now VETtalk) which was heard on more than 50 community stations for more than 7 years.  The show included co-host Dr. Harry Cooper and dog trainer Steve Austin as well as Scottish animal behaviorist Dr Joanne Righetti. From there they moved into the veterinary sector and created VETtalk TV which covered a wide variety of pet related topics and provided hours of videos and podcasts for pet lovers!!

The Pet Talk Team – (L to R) Kaye, Dr Harry, Steve Austin & Brian)

So, it is fair to say, these two have a passion and great knowledge when it comes to pets. It is this passion that we hope to benefit from. Especially for our Free Range Camping members that love to travel with pets.  For the last 12 months, Brian and Kaye have been preparing to hit the road full time. All set up in their New Age OZ Classic 20, they have done a few shakedown trips. Also are getting ready to soon become permanent nomads.  Previous to this, a 16ft Viscount was the chariot for them, and their four dogs, Monet, Cosmo, Matisse & Kismet, (3 Poodles and a Bichon).  However, its all about Chica, a 14 year old rescue toy poodle. Apparently is more trouble than the previous four put together.

On a recent trip, Chica takes poll position on Kayes’

While they are on the road, Brian and Kaye plan to combine the vast experience they have with pets. Including their other loves Food Wine and of course Travel. So over the coming months, they will be bringing us a host of stories. It will be from their own experiences and those of other campers. Also a series of Podcasts covering a vast range of topics.

Food-Wine-Pets-Travel will cover off on the following topics;




As travellers ourselves, we know how hard it can be to find good quality food while exploring new areas.  Your cooking styles may change. You may also find you don’t want to spend as much time cooking and more time out and about.  Brian and Kaye hope to explore these topics and more. They will bring us tips and tricks they work out for themselves. Also, those from fellow campers.




One of the things we were astounded by as we travelled around Australia was the number of wineries and wine growing regions that were out there. Some in areas we didn’t even know about. We will now have an opportunity with Brian & Kaye to bring to your attention many of these hidden gems.




While we have already mentioned Pets, with Brian and Kaye on board we hope to be able to tap into their network and knowledge. To make available to our member’s more pet-friendly parks and locations around the country. They themselves will be traveling with their beloved Chica. They will be able to better advise us on all matter of topics. Including tips for venturing into new areas and what to do where pets are not welcome.




The most obvious of all the topics that FWPT will cover. But one that we all love doing, full time, part time, or whenever we get the chance. Having been on the road full time ourselves for the last 7 years, we know we have not even come close to seeing all of Australia. So, along with the places we find ourselves, Brian and Kaye will be sharing many of their new adventures. Also, experiences with us including new sites and places to visit.

So, we look forward to these three hitting the road soon and seeing where their camping adventures take them.

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