An Angel With An Attitude

An Angel With An Attitude

I am an oldie, well sort of, if I admit to being an oldie then I limit myself to what Oldies think that they can do….or can’t do!

I am pushing 75 years and out on the road having a great time, with my car and this caravan that keeps following me wherever I want to go.

We only have a few windows in life that allow us to do whatever we want, and I believe that my age is now the perfect time to get out and just do it.   I get concerned when I hear so many older people saying “oh, I couldn’t do that” well of course you can’t if you say you can’t…why not say….I CAN do that.

I do not travel on unsealed roads, because I want to take care of my caravan and tow vehicle.

I do not stay in caravan parks unless I am completely out of water or absolutely need to.    Free camping is great, there are so many places to pull in for the night, and I have rarely been on my own…..other free campers pull in when they see you already there.   Besides this is a great time to meet new people, enjoy a drink together, and exchange you’re travelling stories.   Campers are so very very friendly.

You may be thinking about safety….well, I always take care, but I have never had any occasion to feel uncomfortable in a free camp, even if on my own.   And I have travelled thousands and thousands of kilometers without problem.

A few of my suggestions,

  • I leave a dog chain and dish outside,
  • I leave a very big pair of men’s boots outside the door
  • My niece made me a most valuable CD of a big dog barking, and it is in the CD player all the time (just in case I feel at risk) not yet though!

This is my second time to travel around Australia, and I manage to do so entirely on the Age Pension.

This time I have purchased a caravan that has electric legs, so that as the knees or back think it is time to start causing trouble, I will still be able to get out there and do it a lot easier.

I just hope that I can inspire you now to give it a go.

Would love to see more single ladies on the road, it is not only men that can do these things…..I am not blokey, I am still a lady at heart.

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